Demeter – Demeter is the bio-industry pioneer and at the same time the oldest bio-association in Germany. The Demeter brand means biodynamic agriculture, and it is considered one of its most sustainable forms. Only contract partners can use the label in accordance with a contract, if they followed the requirements of the Demeter association’s regulatory documents at all cultivation and processing stages. About 1,400 farmers are engaged in biodynamic agriculture in Germany on the areas exceeding 66,000 hectares. Meanwhile, the association operates not only in Germany but abroad as well. And, thanks to more than 6,000 farmers working for this association, it has its representative offices in 50 countries.

The Demeter association’s regulatory documents are the most stringent among biological associations of producers. Contract partners are inspected annually, and the certificate is provided only if the product is at least 95% bio-product and 90% Demeter product.

If we are speaking about natural cosmetics, the orange-coloured Demeter label symbolizes the highest quality and high–grade bio-products. They are nice, well-assimilated personal care products made from raw materials, cultivated at biodynamic agricultural farms of the Demeter association, which were processed sparingly, preserving valuable properties. All manufacturers with the Demeter label on their products refused to use petroleum products, benzole or hexane, butylene or propylene glycol, animal origin products, genetically modified products and nanoparticles as well as radioactive radiation or gas treatment in production.

The high–quality label is additionally given only to those products that:

  • include 90% of Demeter raw materials (in case the ingredients are herb– or plant-derived)

  • confirm high biological decomposition ability

  • have the best raw materials quality

  • were produced by processing, preserving valuable properties, without using synthetic chemical additions

  • present an absolutely transparent text on the package – all ingredients of the excellent natural cosmetic products or biocosmetic products should be listed in detail

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