BDIH – BDHI (Federal Association of German producers and distributors of pharmaceuticals, health food, food supplements, personal hygiene products and medical-purpose products) worked out regulations and “checked up natural cosmetics“ quality label in 1999. We are speaking here about high organic standards which should be met when raw materials are extracted and produced, in the course of their processing and finished products’ manufacturing as well as their sales.

It is necessary to meet the following important requirements to obtain the BDHI certificate:

                • If possible, raw materials should be cultivated at organic farms.

                • Animal protection (it is allowed to use raw materials produced by animals, it is not allowed to use raw materials from dead vertebrates; experiments on animals are not allowed).

                • ‘White List’ of permitted raw materials and processing methods

                • Absolute prohibition to use some synthetic supplements.

                • absolute Transparenz in der Deklaration liefern - alle verwendeten Zutaten für die ausgezeichneten Natur- oder Bio-Kosmetik-Artikel müssen lückenlos aufgelistet sein

To ensure that products are microbiologically safe, certain nature-identical preservatives are also allowed. Compliance with the criteria should be checked by independent institutions.

Substances from the following groups are prohibited to use:

  • organic and synthetic dyes

  • synthetic fragrances

  • ethoxylated substances

  • paraffin and other petroleum products

  • silicone

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