NATRUE – was set up in 2007 in Brussels. The mission of the organization is to protect and promote natural cosmetics worldwide. NATRUE decided to focus on what is inside a product. Both ingredients and manufacturing processes are taken into account. NATRUE classified permitted ingredients into three easy-to-understand types depending on the manufacturing processes they have been subjected to:

                • Natural ingredients are unmodified and can be obtained only by physical processes or fermentation.

                • Near natural ingredients are the results of permitted chemical reaction process on only natural ingredients.

                • Nature-identical ingredients can be either pigments, or minerals, or preservatives. They are reproduced in laboratories but they also exist in nature. All these ingredients have one essential characteristic: they can be found in nature. Nothing artificial (man-made) is allowed.

                • The last ingredient is water, which does not fall into the natural ingredient category because NATRUE does not want to inflate the natural content at the expense of water.

NATRUE guarantees that at least 75% of individual products in a certain product line (identified either by the brand or the sub-brand) must be compliant with the NATRUE-Standards. In case of organic cosmetics, at least 95% of natural ingredients in the product (or near natural under certain conditions) must stem from organic production and/or certified wild collection.

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