FAIRTRADE – Fairtrade unites female and male consumers, enterprises and associations of manufacturers and stands for the best prices for families of poor farmers as well as humane working conditions for plantation employees in developing countries and countries with the average level of economic development. The Fairtrade certification mark means that the product was made by the community of workers for respectable wages, with no forced or child labour, with health and safety requirements met: all ingredients of the product sold with the Fairtrade certification mark after meeting the standards must be Fairtrade certified.

Cosmetic products with Fairtrade ingredients are labeled with the Fairtrade certification mark combined with the additional inscription: “with Fairtrade ingredients“. The following is also applicable to these products: all ingredients stated as Fairtrade raw materials, should be Fairtrade certified. Raw materials producers get an additional Fairtrade benefit to the market price for joint projects.

Rules for Fairtrade cosmetic products:

  • All ingredients that may be referred to Fairtrade raw materials, must be Fairtrade certified

  • The minimum requirements should be met according to which nearly 50% of existing cosmetic products could have the Fairtrade certification mark

  • Transparent product labeling, including information about the percentage of ingredients which are Fairtrade certified and what ingredients exactly

  • Additional support for Fairtrade producers – the minimum price for producers and an additional Fairtrade benefit, with the help of which they can realize joint projects or invest in productivity and quality.

You can learn more on the Web page: https://www.fairtrade-deutschland.de