ECOCERT – is an organic certification organization specializing in certification of organic products and their production technologies. It was founded in France in 1991. It carries inspections in more than 80 countries and thus it is one of the biggest organic certification organizations in the world. Besides cosmetic products, ECOCERT controls food and food products, detergents, perfumes and textiles. The organization inspects 70% of organic farming and processing industry in France and 30% worldwide.

The standards to be met in case of cosmetic products to get the Ecocert mark are as follows:

                • Use of ingredients from recycled raw materials in the production process, with no adverse effect on the environment – at the same time it’s important for the products not to contain genetically modified ingredients, parabens, phenoxyethanol, nanoparticles, silicone, polyethylene glycol, synthetic flavouring agents and dyes, raw materials of animal origin (only if not naturally produced: milk, honey, etc.) and for the package to be able to decompose biologically or suitable for recycling.

                • In order to get a certificate, natural ingredients from organic farming should comply with the minimum requirements – for “organic cosmetics” labeling: minimum 95% of all ingredients in the formula are of natural origin, of which at least 10% are raw materials from organic farming; for “natural cosmetics” labeling: minimum 50% of all ingredients in the formula are of natural origin, of which at least 5% are raw materials from organic farming.

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