SOIL ASSOCIATION – The Soil Association was founded in 1946 in the UK and has the Organic Standard certificate. This label is one of the most wide-spread bio-marks in the UK. The main Soil Association’s certifying courses are mostly guided by the EU directives for bio-products, and sometimes they are even more stringent. The preconditions are mostly organic farming, animal breeding, genetic engineering and ecological sustainability. The absolute prohibition of genetically modified organisms is an important item of the main courses.

Various criteria should be met for product’s certification depending on the product group. Thus, for example, at least 95% of herb– and plant-derived ingredients should be cultivated in environmentally sound and pollution free conditions, and there are stringent restrictions for use of fertilizes and pesticides. Animal standards are important as well, with different ones for each kind of animals. The certificate is issued by the independent certifying organization. Licensed manufacturers are inspected at least once a year. Besides, there are inspections without warning.

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