COSMOS ORGANIC – is an international standard for natural cosmetics and biocosmetics that entered into force already in 2010. This standard has been mandatory for members from January 1, 2017, to wit for development of new products in the field of natural cosmetics and biocosmetics. BDIH, Ecocert, Cosmebio, ICEA and Soil Association are referred to the COSMOS standard.

Criteria for COSMOS ORGANIC certificate:

                • The use of genetically modified (GM) ingredients is prohibited

                • Products are never tested on animals.

                • All used ingredients are strictly controlled and are prepared in an easy-to-understand way and regularly.

                • Only natural coloring agents and aromas derived from plants and flowers are used.

                • It’s required to comply with the “green chemistry” principles in order to minimize the ingredients’ and products’ impact on the environment.

                • Waste in the course of production process is also minimized

                • Restrictions in case of using petrochemical ingredients

                • Production premises are inspected annually

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