Our company advocates the postulate that the health is the biggest value in our lives. The point is that science and nature are easily combined in products that we are glad to offer you today. Our goal is to help you stay healthy as well as gorgeous at the same time. Soon you’ll discover how it is possible to use organic cosmetics for your body.

Our company advocates the postulate that the health is the biggest value in our lives. The point is that science and nature are easily combined in products that we are glad to offer you today. Our goal is to help you stay healthy as well as gorgeous at the same time. Soon you’ll discover how it is possible to use organic cosmetics for your body.


    Alassala, derived from the Arabic word “alassala” which signifies authenticity and originality, developed its range to specifically meet all those needs being 100 % Organic, ethical and highly healthy. It’s a perfect fit for a customer base who are after luxurious affordable, ethical, tasty yet healthy products to fulfil their beauty regime. Alassala Natural Beauty Products have carefully sourced premium quality organic produce for your enjoyment. For your peace of mind all products have been certified by EU Organic, EcoCert, Kosher and Halal.


    The prestige of the High Quality Natural Scientific Cosmetics with Natural, Organic and Ecological ingredients.

    Alissi Bronte is a well-recognized laboratory specialized on the research of Natural and High Scientific Cosmetics resulting from more than 35 years of experience and research in the fields of Biochemistry and international Cosmetology. Company researches the most advanced techniques to obtain the ingredients from Nature to provide great benefits to the skin. Alissi Bronte maintains the highest standards in terms of purify and maximum quality of products developing exclusive and natural formulas based on botanical extract, natural aromatic essences and thermal waters at an exceptional concentration creating special and customized treatments for the daily skin care.


    APPLE & BEARS is a family owned and operated, British company that produces luxury cosmetics made from the finest organic and natural ingredients. APPLE & BEARS invite you to discover the power and purity of nature with an exclusive Luxury Body Wash Collection – created for today’s ethical man and woman. All environmentally friendly collections promote a healthy skin and planet by using the finest sustainably sourced and Eco-certified natural and organic ingredients that harness the healing powers of nature, whilst remaining true and gentle to your skin. Together with Apple & Bears we believe in a better future and we believe in everyday luxury without compromise or cruelty to nature.


    KISSA is tea. KISSA is fashion, lifestyle and simply en vogue. KISSA is glamour and healthy. KISSA is desirous and organic. KISSA is popstar and best friend. KISSA combines elegance and sustainability, settled tea tradition and hectic metropolis, KISSA re invents tea, with a knowhow of centuries. KISSA creations are so very different from known tea products: KISSA builds creations, that are not only fabulous and pretty, but that also are purely good for your body and spirit and simply taste so very delicious. KISSA sets itself the standard to offer the most exquisite teas in this world in style and in most elegant wrapping. KISSA does not want to seduce you. No. KISSA wants to make you sustainably happy.

    You will never forget your first KISSA TEA.

  • NOAH

    NOAH by Pure Brands was founded in 2006 near Venice in Italy with the specific remit to satisfy a rapidly increasing demand for a range of effective and exceptional natural products for the care, beauty and protection of the hair and body. Every product in the NOAH range contains concentrations of pure essential oils extracted from plants and flowers in the manner of the most traditional and ancient techniques. Their valuable therapeutic powers, the aromas and the colors that characterise each essence are kept completely natural without the use of any harmful chemical additives. You can be confident that every NOAH product is developed using raw materials sourced for their highest quality and effectiveness – they contain botanical ingredients combined with the purest of essential oils and NEVER contain harmful Parabens, Paraffin, Mineral Oils, DEA or SLS. Formulated and made in Italy. 


    Petit Rituels - those charming little rituals that help us feel special and sacred. Lovingly handcrafted in England and 100% natural, all aromatherapy candles are designed to trigger positive emotions while you feel safely and comfortably cocooned. Each one of all products release special therapeutic properties combined with delicious fragrance, both envelope your mind and awaken your senses. A carefully created special fragrance using only natural oils uniquely blended to release a beautiful aroma can bring contentment and relaxation. Every oil in the Petits Rituels products has its own intricate composition, dedicating itself to wellness, calm and happiness to bring about an all over feeling of luxurious pleasure. Each precious product is 100% natural and created using pure essential oils sourced from the very best aromatic plants. They are processed at distillery based in Provence, France. Only natural waxes including soya wax, floral waxes and beeswax of the highest quality components are used.


    Children today are exposed to a wide range of different substances and products, the long-term effects of which are not yet fully known. Sophie la girafe Cosmetics is an exclusive skincare and hygiene product brand for the world famous Sophie la girafe. Company manufactures safe, ecological products with high quality that can be enjoyed by babies, kids and parents. The first launch is Sophie la girafe Baby – Ecocert-certified natural and organic skincare range for babies. Sophie la girafe Baby is well tolerated also by children with sensitive skins. Loved by moms and dads who wish to choose safe and high quality products for their precious ones. 


    THALISSI draws its origins from 1969 when its foun­der, Alicia Pérez Aragó, opened in Murcia, Spain, the first Institute of Beauty and the first School of Aes­thetics designed for women. THALISSI had developed exclusive natural formulas based on aromatic essences, botanical and mari­ne extracts, with thermal waters at an exceptional concentration, to create unique and customized treatments.

    The Orchard of Murcia, also known as “The Orchard of Europe”, is famous for its wine, rice, olive oil, le­mons, fruit, vegetables and essential oils, among others. This is mainly due to the microclimate: the Mediterranean Sea and the especial Ma Me­nor, an inland sea which has a large concentration of marine ingredients, salts, algae and mud, with ex­traordinary properties. The extraordinary Quality and respect for the Environment have been proven and certified on an International level. 



    All You Need Is Me was the first product and really the reason why Tina de Sousa – Founder of True Organic of Sweden, started this company. When her son was born, she was looking for something that could help sore nipples when breast feeding and also something she would be confident using on her baby with his sensitive newborn skin. Knowing that everything you put on your skin, eventually ends up in your body.

    She was searched for healing, natural and organic creams without any cheap fillers. She looked all over but even some of the certified creams only have 10% organic ingredients and the rest could be anything, even things that are bad for you. She could not find anything fantastic that she was 100% happy with. When she returned back to Sweden with a Science of Natural Health degree backing her up, she started researching how to go about to actually produce a balm that would do everything she wanted it to do. After almost a year and many tests and trials All You Need Is Me was born. 


    Wooden Spoon is not just a brand name – it is a life philosophy. We believe in the synergy of Nature and people and that the more we save the treasures of Nature the more we shall receive in return.

    Wooden Spoon is inspired by the idea to offer the purest possible and genuine natural care for the skin. Wooden Spoon combines raw and unprocessed organic oils with precious herbal extracts, which not only change the overall feeling of body and face but also effectively help to maintain the skin healthy, rejuvenated and irresistibly soft. We apply a friendly technology in our products for the maximum protection of the natural qualities of the ingredients. A genuine natural delight to fall in love with!