About us

Welcome to Botanic & Organic Boutique – your destination for natural skincare, green beauty and healthier you!

My name is Nodira and this store was launched out of limitless love to high quality beauty cosmetics, all organic things, femininity, our planet and the most important - commitment to health. All of us live this beautiful life for our dreams. To achieve and live our dreams we need to be healthy in body and soul. To be healthy we need to eat healthy, get enough sleep, regularly do sport and to consider products and ingredients we apply to our skin.

We wear our skin for a lifetime, a truly optimal skin care is therefore very important! Together with Botanic & Organic we invite you to take your time to understand product labels, ingredients and their benefits, enquire about the origin of products to make more informed and health-conscious purchasing decisions.

At Botanic & Organic we consider the preservation of our natural environment at high priority. We stock only premium award-winning products which are mostly hand-made by passionate artisans and brand founders, who promote the use of recyclable materials, use of 100% natural and certified organic ingredients, which are ethically produced and involve no animal testing.

Products you find in our store are exceptional beauty products that are effective, unique, luxurious and good for both - you and the planet. They will add a touch of wellness and beauty to your lifestyle! Enjoy your natural journey and discover the secrets behind green beauty and skincare products!

Your Botanic & Organic Team

  • We ship worldwide!

    We deliver internationally. The packages are handled with utmost care, so the ordered products will be handed to you safe and sound, just like you expect them to be.

  • We speak English, German, Russian!

    Our international team will assist you in one of three languagies to make sure that everyone receives an excellent support and an enjoyable shopping experience!